Political Advocacy Toolkit

Autism Ontario has a strong, positive working relationship with all levels of government. We strive to reflect the lives of people on the autism spectrum and their families across the lifespan in all government conversations. Our organization sits on a variety of committees to help inform public policy and programs locally and provincially, promote evidence-based practice, and support research. We are a trusted voice in matters that affect autistic people and their families. 

Even though we are a trusted voice, it is critical for decision makers to hear a number of perspectives. No matter what the issue, starting a conversation with your municipal, provincial and federal government representatives is an important part of advocacy. These conversations will help you see where they stand on treatment and supports for people with ASD in their early years, the school years, and into adulthood. 

Engaging Decision Makers

Autism Ontario has created an advocacy package to assist you in engaging with key decision makers at any time about the things that matter most.