Family Supports

Social Learning Opportunities (SLOs):

Designed for children and youth on the autism spectrum, and their families and caregivers, SLOs provide easy access to a supportive environment in local communities. From movie mornings to recreational and social programs, SLOs allow time for families to come together and connect in autism-friendly environments within the community.

Access to Autism Experts:

Workshops and webinars with expert speakers provide information and resources on many topics relevant to autism. 

Support Groups:

These groups provide an opportunity to come together, learn and share similar life and learning experiences. 

Community Events:

Partnerships with local businesses and organizations help provide inclusive and sensory-friendly events in your community.

CARES Program:

The SAAAC (South Asian Autism Awareness Centre) CARES Caregiver Support program is an innovative group-based intervention targeting the social, emotional, and psychological challenges that can arise among caregivers of children with autism. The CARES program provides a safe space for caregivers to share their experiences and develop a sense of shared identity as caregivers.

Depression and anxiety are some common mental health issues many of the caregivers deal with at the SAAAC Autism Centre. The joys and responsibilities of parenting a child with autism often come with a high degree of stress, as an incredible amount of care is demanded of parents. Caregivers of individuals with autism generally experience high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression when compared to families of typically developing children and children with other disabilities. This is why programs like SAAAC CARES are important.

CARES is offered primarily as a virtual program and is available to parents and caregivers across Ontario. We offer multiple programs throughout the year. If you would be interested in attending a future CARES session, please complete this interest form and you will be sent upcoming program information when it is available. 


Not sure where to start? We have a number of staff and volunteers who can help with accessing Autism Ontario’s Family Support Services and Programs. Connect with the Service Navigator in your area and get started today!